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Special Health Conditions

Health Services Special Health Conditions

If a student has a special health conditions, such as but not limited to, asthma, seizures, allergies, food allergies, or diabetes, parents/guardians are required to complete, &/or have a physician complete, an Action Plan (See attachments below for Action Plan Forms) or a Special Health Condition form (See attachment below for Special Health Condition Form) annually.These forms are available in the clinic and will state required medication, P.E. limitations, and/or emergency care and necessary actions at school. The school nurse will contact the physician for any information regarding any special health need requiring medications, procedures, or care at school. Special health conditions and information will be shared, on an as needed basis, with appropriate school personnel so they may appropriately care for student.

Physical Activity:
Physical activity is mandated by state law. Therefore, a child must participate fully unless a written note from their physician states specific physical limitations exist and for what time period. These must be updated annually. A note from a parent/guardian may be accepted for 3 days only for short term illnesss or injuries. 

A child whom requires a special diet other than what is provided in our cafeteria must have a written notefrom the doctor stating the types of acceptable substitutions or diet that must be followed.

Health History Form:
A Health History information form must be completed and returned to clinic by the child's second day of school (see attachment below). Current work, home, and cell telephone numbers for parents/ guardians and other adults who are authorized to pick up your child must be listed. Changes in any work, home, and cell telephone numbers are to be sent to the secretary in the front office

A student will not be released to any person not authorized by parents. This is for your child's safety.

Emergency Care:
If a student is hurt or becomes seriously ill at school and the parent/ guardian cannot be reached by telephone, the student will be transported by EMS to an emergency room the parents/guardians will be held responsible for all expenses. The district shall not be responsible for costs of treating injuries or assume liability for any other costs associated with an injury at school or at a school- related functions.